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editor's note:
Skatepark of Natrona

* Indoor: Wood [???]
* Pay: $7-$9 per sesh
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Enter the flow room

"This is Jeff from Blank Skate Supply. We opened our indoor skatepark in Natrona PA - about 20 minutes outside of Pittsburgh."

- Jeff: Dec '02
  Blank Skate Supply

Directions: Natrona PA is northeast of Pittsburgh. Take Route 28 northeast. As you get close, you'll pass Glassmere, and Creighton, then exit the 28 near Tarentum at Bull Creek Road [also called Red Belt, we think]. Head southeast on that road and cross 10th, 5th, etc., until you come to 1st Ave. Make a left on 1st [east]. 1st runs along the river, past Locust, Cherry, and Morgan. At Allegheny Ludlum Steel, 1st will bend left [north], at that point you'll make a quick right [east, again] on River Avenue [you're still next to the river]. A few blocks later, make a left [north] - try Pine or Spruce. Continue north to the railroad tracks, and make a right [east] on Blue Ridge Ave, then another right [south] on Garfield. The skatepark is INDOORS on the left. Call for more info: 724.224.5474

...scroll down for pics

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^ Indoor flow in Natrona
[Photo: Skatepark of Natrona]

^ Mid-course action
[Photo: Skatepark of Natrona]

^ Couple three ramps in here
[Photo: Skatepark of Natrona]

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