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editor's note:
Starting Gate Skatepark

* Out/Indoor: Asphalt / Wood / Metal?
* Pay: ???
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Equal opportunity skatepark

In addition to bikes, booters, and boards, Starting Gate even lets little Jimmy roll around on his shiny new scoot scoot! That's just terrific! Everyone loves scooters - I know I do!

All we can tell from here - having never been to Starting Gate - is that this park is a combination indoor/outdoor park. Outdoor looks like a nice collection of trannie. Indoor seems to be a wide wooden mini. Additional facilities include a big retail outfit, selling bikes, boards, boots, and winter sports stuff [skis and snowboards, etc.].

Directions: Starting Gate and Marshalls Creek are north of where I-80 crosses the Delaware River, not far from Stroudsburg PA. Coming from NYC [for instance], take Interstate 80 west to Exit 309. From the off-ramp, take Route 209 north for four miles. For more info call the park direct at 570.223.6215.

...scroll down for pics

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^ The outdoor park at
Starting Gate totes
many o' option...
[Photo: Starting Gate]

^ I'm a sucker for a nice wide
mini ramp. Looks like fun.
[Photo: Starting Gate]

^ Pink is punk!
[Photo: Starting Gate]

^ Metal ramps are
definitely an east
coast thing. They usually
ride fine, but the transition
from asphalt to ramp tends
to get a little jacked after
a while.
[Photo: Starting Gate]

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