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editor's note:
Bristol Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete / Asphalt
* Free
* Street
* Rating: Softcore crap

Dammit. I hate these concrete "McPark" jobs that stink up the New England park scene. They're all a little bit different, but they all basically suck, and Bristol is almost the worst one of the stank-ass bunch.

I have seen some good sessions at these rotten shanty parks. Milford, MA [pics coming soon] has the biggest McPark in the area - which is still a totally lazy solution to skateables for a community. I shot some incredible footage of a kid named Schuyler Ricketts at that park [mark my words - if that kid wants to go pro, he will!]. But the reason that park was fun at all was all about his skills. He made a boring park incredible. I can only imagine what he could have done w/ a better park...

The good news is that things are looking up for New England. We've toured there the last two summers [2000 and 2001] and the parks have gotten much better in just one year. REAL PARKS like Nashua NH, Londonderry NH, the Worcester YMCA in MA and - best of all - Newburyport MA [all park pics coming soon], are giving you guys a taste of what real parks are all about. Private bangers like the insanely fun Skater Island are a great start, but public efforts in the area need a little kick in the ass!

Directions: From Providence, take the 195 east to highway 114 south. Take 114 into Bristol [which is actually a beautiful town]. Exit onto Asylum Road and head west into Colt State Park. Stay on Asylum Rd and the skatepark will come up on the right.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The sign for the Bristol
skatepark is bigger than the
park... and it's cooler too.

^ No flow - no fun.

^ This is the
only decent
part of this

^ "Weeeeee!"

^ This place
just pisses
me off...

^ "Here we see the
park w/ its ideal
rider..." - wack!!!

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