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editor's note:
Skater Island

PARK IS CLOSED: Check this out...

"I have some horrible news to report out of the state of RI. One of the best parks on the east coast has been squeezed out of their building. SKATER ISLAND IS CLOSED. I know you guys loved this park and like you I am deeply sadend."

- Dan Cabral: May '04

"Skater Island is no more. It's too bad. Sucks."

- Exitone: May '04

"FYI... Skater Island recently closed. Such a buzzkill."

- Ryan Stephany: May '04

Rhode Island is supposed to be beautiful in the summer - or so we heard. Unfortunately, like so many other skate trips, just thinking about skating is sometimes enough to make the clouds sweat like a girl in tight vinyl pants. Lucky for us - and the New England locals - Skater Island is a guaranteed hook-up, rain or shine.

This park has it all: A great street course w/ nice lines, a peanut bowl, a huge vert ramp, and the sickest wooden pool / snake run that we've ever ridden.

We should pause for a moment to salute the very unique scene this park has spawned. Old guys w/ rails on their boards, young tech-rippers, lovely *and* talented women riders, a big Husky chained to the "burrito hut," punk rock sound system, filthy couches, mad trash talking, gnarly slams, and true-to-the-core ghetto skate love for everybody. Huge props to y'all at "The Island" and to the authentic skate blood that pumps through your veins.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Easy to see from
the street - Skater

^ Great hip

^ Aaron Rodgers tearin'
up the hip. You can
see more of this guy,
and Skater Island, in
our video Toothless
...that would also
be Nick Lord kicking
it to the right
[he's in the video

^ Mini/spine is
straight ahead -
rest of pool wraps
to the left

^ This shot is from the Pro Skater
video game. Like the first two
versions, they do a damn accurate job of
featuring real parks.

^ SHITEO: Check
Peter Wiese, from
Ohio [I think?],
on this butter
smooth feeble

ha ha! ...this guy
actually works for
[Video: Nick Lord]

360 off the hipper
from local Aaron

^ Sweet mini w/
nice flow from
the combi-pool

^ Perfect spine for
transfers, fastplants

^ The deep end of
the combi-pool is
about 9 ft, complete
w/ pool coping...

^ Here's another THPS3 shot
- this time it's the peanut bowl!

^ Back wall of
the street course

^ Another view of
the peanut bowl -
also seen above.

^ Aaron up on
the wall ride...

^ This park is huge. This is
just a section of the street

^ ...damn accurate!

^ Okay, this shot
isn't accurate.
Should be oververt.
See pic to the right -->

^ Call this the
"salad bar?" Ha
ha... Aaron Rodgers.

^ See - oververt!

^ The most dangerous
bowl in the whole park...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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