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editor's note:
Eisenbergs Skatepark

* Indoor: 'Crete and Skate-lite [right?]
* $12 / session [$14 for bikes]
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: 'Rents payin' the rent...

Ahhh, Mr Arlo Eisenberg... remember when that guy used to have "devil horns?" He used to grow his hair out, shave everything but a couple of patches up front, and then twist/gel the little patches into horns. It was pretty freaky, actually. Hey Arlo, if you want to send in some pics, we'd be glad to post.

These days Arlo is a big corporate guy. He's still "involved" w/ Senate [as far as we know]. He's also in and around contests, announcing, etc. We spotted him recently cruising through the crowd in Hermosa at the Mervyn's Beach Bash out in Cali in the summer of 2K.

In any case, "JYD" submitted these photos - thanks! We've never been to the park, but it looks sweet. This is one of the rare parks that is "inline" focused, but they're down for bikes and boards, too. Apparently the park is owned/operated by Arlo's family [thus the oh-so-clever rating...]. We'd like some action shots of the fine Eisenberg park, so if you're from around there, pls fire away. We'll make you famous!

Directions: The park is located at 930 E. 15th Street in Plano. Here are your directions - straight from them: "Just take North Central Expressway (US75) to 15th Street and go east about a quarter of a mile. It's on the right. Located in the heart of historic downtown Plano, we face the Plano Police Department, a park and museum. We are on a DART bus line." If you need more info, call 'em up: 972-509-7725.

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^ New pro park
pix - shot in
the fall of '01
[Submitted by:

^ Creative lines
at Eisenbergs
[Submitted by:

^ Wood workers
wanted [Submitted
by: Allstar_2430]

^ Foam pit
[Submitted by:
Allstar 2430]

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