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* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Bring-ham!

Brigham is not the biggest - or the best - skatepark in Utah-tah's collection, but the locals throw down there and so can you - if'n you're ever in their 'hood!

Heading up north from Salt Lake, you'll leave the land of indoor parks [Real Ride or Proving Grounds - to name just a couple!], you'll pass thru Ogden's lovely little concrete scene, and then before you hit Idaho, you'll pass thru Brigham... pull over, why don't you?!? Catch some rides and tell 'em SK8parkLIST sent you!

Directions: From Salt Lake City, take Interstate 15 north about 20 miles. Exit at Forrest Drive and head east. Make a right [south] on Main Street. Make a left [east] onto 700 S. The skatepark is about 1/4 mile down 700 S on the right in a large sports park.

...scroll down for pics

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^ Wide anglisms of
Brigham skatepark

^ Boardslide thrown down
by local Daniel Richard

^ David Porter w/
snap, crackle, pop
over the 50 gallon

^ Tricky bs tailslide,
Batman! - Adam West!

^ This is how ALL
skateparks should
operate - "Your sport,
your skull, your choice!"
That's right! To borrow
a little from the abortion
debate - "Keep your laws
off our bodies!!!"

^ Take it to the

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