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editor's note:
Farmington Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Street
* Rating: Birdbath

One of the most hated skateparks we've ever visited, the Farmington skatepark is nothing to brag about. You guys deserve better, no doubt.

A couple of stairs, a super weak little concrete bump, some jenky rails and the rest is up to your imagination... we've seen worse parks before, but this is probably the worst concrete park we've ever seen.

The good news is, if this park is too boring for you, Farmington has a "maze made out of corn" that you can check out for thrills after the park lets you down. Yep, maze of corn. Awesome.

Directions: We couldn't figure the directions out on this one... we called Farmington, and this is what they said. "Take the I-15 to Farmington and take the Centerville exit. Access the frontage road [runs along the east side of the highway], wind around past a gas station and a McDonalds for about 2 mi to the skatepark in South Park. You can easily see the highway from the park." For more info, call Farmington direct at: 801.451.0953

...scroll down for pics

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^ What? Yep, that's all there is
to the Farmington skatepark. If
you look close, you can see the concrete
bump in the middle of the park - you
gotta look REAL close! ...so much for
good trannie.

^ This is most of the
excitement right here.

^ Nice rail!

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