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editor's note:
Lorin Farr

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "Take that shit outdoors!"

When we think of Utah, we think of their indoor park scene - the outdoor parks were conspicuously absent when we toured the state in the summer of '00. However, we did find a brand new one in Taylorsville [pics as soon as we find time] and another kick ass park in Ogden.

Ogden's park was completed and open for bone breaking early in 2000. The park was designed by Wormhoudt [831.426.8424] - so you know it kicks ass [see Camarillo, Greer, Santa Rosa, for more of their handiwork]. Costs totaled about $167,000 - funded by local skaters and the city - earning them a total of 12,000 sq ft of flowable playground. The overall design is where it's at... tech ledges, rails, etc. on the edges of the park, w/ big hips, boxes, contours and a spine in the center. That's something for everybody w/ separate lines to minimize slammage and collisions. This is the kind of thing the Dreamland guys are doing in the northwest. Perfect.

Regarding that indoor scene, you've got more options than a compulsive over-eater at a Vegas buffet. To name just a couple, witness super kill parks like SLC's Real Ride and nearby Proving Grounds. All together, there are 5 indoor parks in the Salt Lake area - which is more than any other town I've ever been to... Add in the big-air influence from local snowboarders and you'll quickly figure out that the skatepark scene in Utah for real.

Directions: From Salt Lake head north on the I-15. As you get into Ogden, look for exit #346... Our notes indicate that we must have ended up on the east side of the highway at 24 St. or something. Anyway, head east to highway 18 [Washington St], then head north to 17th street. At 17th take a right [east again] until the street dead-ends at Lorin Farr park [fairgrounds?]. Take a quick left [north] to Canyon, a right [east] on Canyon and follow it east to the park. Now go get some.

...scroll down for pics

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^ Just look for the giant
skateboard at Ogden's Lorin Farr

^ 50-50 skills

^ Tech detail

^ Nosey slider

^ Will you look at
those crazy lines...

^ This is *not* the whole
sign... but the highlights
are no bikes and
no pads required

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