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editor's note:
Real Ride

EXTINCT: As of Aug'01 this park shut down and moved to West Jordon...

Thanks to Zac "ZiG" Drake for sending in the following:

"They actually took over what used to be Premier Skatepark. They rebuilt everything on the indoor course and kept the outdoor setup, so far. They now have a foam pit and a ton of other stuff. I don't have all the details, as I only saw it under construction."

- Zac Drake: Aug '01

Our only tip on more info on the new park is the number to their CA Real Ride park. They mention the new park opening in Sep '01 on their voice mail... give 'em a call: 909.943.5744.

The following info is for "historical" purposes only... this park no longer exists.

As we made our way across the US on our Summer Tour '00, we heard reports of Real Ride from day three of the tour on.

"You're going to Real Ride in UT, right?" "Uh, yeah... of course we're going there, tssst," we lied trying to look annoyed. GD, punkass, 14 yr old tech hard. Get back to your SSBSTSs and quit tryin' to tell me how to plan my flippin' trip - "Gaawwd!"

Did you know that Salt Lake City has the highest number of indoor skateparks per capita of any city in the entire Federation? Yeah, it's true [maybe...]. And it's not just the weather. Colorado, for instance, has tons of parks, gnarly weather and nary an indoor park in the state. What's up w/ that? Was Utah recently colonized by Canadian wood park missionaries? In all seriousness, there are about 5 or 6 indoor parks within about an hour of each other in Salt Lake... crazy good parks too. We won't go into them all right here, but if you're tired of waiting for the spring thaw, steal a credit card and buy a plane ticket to SLC - indoor adventures await.

Real Ride is top shelf, premium skatepark poison, no doubt. They've got rampage on every available surface, from vert to dirt, with mini ramps tucked into the oddest places. Built by VPI- same guys that did Lucky88 - this place has got more lines than the phone company. Roll in and get busy.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Sign of the times,
Real Ride skatepark

^ If they could
get the Velcro to
loosen up, they
could get this kid
off the ceiling -
check that kicker!

^ Hawk preserve

^ Martha Stewart
wishes she had
steez like theez -
Lance Harris,

^ Quarters and a
monster roll-in
in the background

^ Secret mini and
a view of the main

^ Jr-zone, off to
the side of the Vert

^ We promised to
mention that the
Dirt Jump park was
only temporarily
this jacked...
usually it's much
more rideable

^ Full service
shop on the

^ Food too...?

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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