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editor's note:
St George Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "Killer"

"I am telling you, you need to check out this brand new killer skatepark in St. George UT. It is really big, outdoor, and cement. It is awesome. You need to put it on the SKATEparkLIST."

- Gavin Squire: Feb '02

"The park is built fairly well, with the exception of some bad concrete pours. The deepest park of the park is an 8 ft bowl that connects directly into a 6 ft half pipe. There is also a separate bowl - connect by a spine to the half pipe - that measures about 5 ft deep. The street course is surrounded on both sides by 5 ft quarter pipes. The park has been open since December of 2001."

- Nolan Baker: Jun '02

"After a trip to Vegas, we took a side trip up to St. George and discovered a nice skatepark - all kinds of lines can be found here. Coping is on right and the layout is nice. It has good flow and you can just blast around the place when it's not crowded. I loved it."

"Why is it that a lot of the better skateparks are in little towns and the big cities can only put up crappy stuff?"

- Eric Fortner: Jul '02

Directions: "Take I-15 to St George - about two hours north of Las Vegas. Exit Bluff St. and head west. Almost right away you'll make a right [north] on Main St, and then take a right [east - back toward the highway] onto 700 S. Street. This will take you past Dixie High School, then right [south] onto 400 E. St. Next you'll turn left [east] once you see the small "Snow Park" sign on the right. The road curves around and you end up at the skatepark. You can see it from the highway... it's next to a mini-golf place."

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ "It is basically split into two
parts, the street section and the
bowl section." ...St George skatepark!
[Photo/Comments: Eric Fortner]

^ Spines and bowls... notice the
"lumpiness" of the pour. See
all those shadows and dark spots?
That's what Nolan's comment
above was all about.
[Photo: Eric Fortner]

^ "Plenty of ledges and rails
for the flip-trick set..."
[Photo: Nolan Baker -
Comments: Eric Fortner]

^ This gap right here will
tell you who the designer is.
This is a Wormhoudt park
- 831.426.8424. We don't have
the reviews up yet, but this
feature shows up in a bunch
of Bay Area parks in NorCAL!
[Photo: Eric Fortner]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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