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editor's note:
Burlington Skatepark
EXTINCT: As of 2000, this park no longer exists... There's a new park "by the water" in downtown Burlington, but to date we have no pics to show you... pls submit if you got any shots of that place.

We've been to some cheezy parks before, and this isn't one of them. The half pipe - kicks ass, no doubt. I heard they imported it from good ole' CA... However, you've got to check out the "Mad Max" street course these guys put together. Ghetto, ghetto, ghetto. Some of the obsticles don't even make sense. Some you've never seen before, but are fun as hell to jib around on. This is not only a beautiful part of the world (in the summer!), but it's a fun place to ride. Word up to all the locs in Burl-town.

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^ welcome to thunderdome and
heads up, Tina Turner is a
hard ass on the "localism"

^ old school parking
block session

^ nice 6ftr

^ local hits coping

^ this is what parks
will look like after

^ Where's Mel Gibson
and his hoopty ride?

^ local grinners

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