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editor's note:
Burlington Skatepark #2

* Outdoor: Metal / Asphalt
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Phishin' for Burly-town

Hell ya! I got to skate the OLD skatepark in Burlington back in the fall of 1999. It was fun and all, but the NEW park by the waterfront has "new and improved" written all over it.

"Just to let you know, the Burlington skatepark - from what I've been told - has been taken down to provide for a junction between two highways, or something. However, there is a brand new one. It's 100 times better. The miniramp is incredibly nice."

- AdamAnt: Aug '00

"Burlington now has a new skatepark which is a lot better. It has a u-bowl with hips, a fun box with a rail, quarter pipes, roll-ins, a mini ramp, and many boxes."

- Phil Abair: Feb' 01

Yep, they ditched all the weird junky ramps from the old park, kept the Ramptech miniramp, and hired David Wood and Custom Skateparks [978.857.0338] to add on a bunch of new metal ramps. The asphalt is a mistake [cheaper, but a lousy substitute for concrete], but the rest of the park is damn nice. The locals are lovin' it.

In addition to the comments above, we've gotten lots of reports about this park and we owe shout-outs to all the local riders and scouts. Special thanks to Shawn Rosier, "Wasted Youth" Kyle, Shea Gonyo, Burton's Rob Paglia [miniramp champ, yo!], Marshall Heath, Ralph Filion, Ryan Edwards and anyone else we missed. The Burl-town locals can throw down a mean session, no doubt.

For other trannie rides in this town, we can direct you to some indoor action at the miniramp at BSide and the new indoor park at Talent. We could also recommend a delicious meal at Ahli Baba's Kabob Shop [163 Main St]... as Pauli Shore says, "Grindage, buddy!"

Directions: The skatepark is located on the east shore of Lake Champlain. From downtown Burlington, take Main St west. As you get closer to Lake Champlain, Main St will bend to the right and turn into Lake St. The park is on the right, about a quarter mile up Lake Street.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Burlington skatepark - featuring
David Abair on that boardslider

^ Square hits like
this are where it's
at... these things
have more kick than
a team of angry

^ SHITEO: Check out
Casey Gilman go over
the rail to blunt in
the animated sequence.
You should see this
dude's one-foot
grinds. Kills it!!!

^ Here's the funbox.
U-bowl and those hits
are in the background.

^ As of summer of '01,
the Ramptech mini was
a little beat up, but
still rideable. Rob
Paglia chewed thru
this wood like a termite!

^ Casey's back in this shot,
puttin' the screws to a different
flat rail

^ Unknown ripper
making his nose

^ This is where the FLOW
starts on that bowl run.
Drop in, charge the fun box,
kill the bowl, sneak attack
the fun box again and you're
back to this wall - no pushing
required! That, is what skateparks
are all about...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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