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editor's note:
Launch Pad
* Outdoor: metal / asphalt
* Free or Pay: ???
* Ramps + Street
* Rating: Getting Nasty in New England

We don't know what you'd be doing up in Stowe, Vermont, but if you can take a break from Moose-watching for a few minutes you should hit up a session at the Launch Pad. This place is the deep sickness [we mean that in a "damn this place is cool" kinda way]. The 'Pad features a funky street collection that would make Tommy Hilfiger proud. As if that wasn't enough, the real scene here is on the vert ramps. Big 8 fter, 7-6 fter, 5-6 fter, spinage... dope, dope, dope! The metal surfaces skate great, hardly any crowd, and best of all, even in the middle of summer temperatures barely hits the 80's. If you're interested in VT, you might check out the Burlington park as well...

Directions: From Burlington, take Interstate 89 south. Get off Exit 10 and take Route 100 North into Stowe Village (about 15 minutes). Turn left onto Route 108 [Mountain Road]. Stowe Mountain Resort is six miles up on the left. The park is at the base of Spruce peak.
...scroll down for pics

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^ welcome to Launch Pad

^ flair...?

^ 8ftr! - big
grindable coping,
smooth trannies...

^ styly grinder

^ VT = punk rock...

^ fizun bizox

^ Here's the kid
from the flair

^ bonus pts here for creativity...
what the #%@*& !?!

^ 6 ft on one
side, 5 ft on the
other... spicy!

^ Submit!

^ wide view w/
qtrs in foreground

^ #1 Try to stick tricks,
#2 Slam hard,
#3 Get up and try again...

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