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editor's note:
Everett Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: 'Crete carver technology

Rounding out the Seattle area is a little park to the north in a town called Everett. This park rocks. It's not a record breaker or anything, but it's solid and has plenty of lines.

Compare this park to SeaTec. Similar layout but Everett goes the extra mile w/ a nice bowl, and some additional features on the parameter of the park that make it work.

Having done a little research we can tell you that Everett starting picking fights with skaters back in 1998. The park's "medium-sized" w/ about 14,300 sq ft of concrete features to break yourself on. Interestingly, the park was reportedly built by Sahli Construction. Those guys build good parks! Check out Gig Harbor and the West Hills park in Kent for some more fruit of their labor.

Other parks in the area are plentiful, so pick your poison: Seattle's SeaSk8, Bellevue, North Bend, Vashion Island's Burton Street Course, and many more...

Directions: Take Interstate 5 to Everett to Highway 526 west. Exit the 526 on Evergreen Way and head south. Next take an immediate right on West Casino Road; the park is about a quarter mile down the road in Walter E. Hall Park at 1226 W. Casino Rd.

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^ September afternoon at
Everett Skatepark

^ Fiddy-fiddy
fs shuvit out
by Chris Kirkman

^ Ryan Bogart
w/ a styly tail
slide transfer

^ Steve Stevens
indi flyout from
the bowl

^ Brother Wally w/
a melon-powered arial

^ Backwall options

^ This might be
a good time to tell
you there are No
Pads Required

^ The smaller of
two fun boxes

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