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When you think of the Pacific Northwest, you gotta think redwoods, Native Americans, microbrews, suicidal grunge bands - stuff like that. Well, Washington is a big state and not all of it looks like Seattle. Just west of Walla Walla and right on the Columbia river lies Kennewick. It's a hotter, dryer Washington than you might expect - but it does have a skatepark.

I'm not suggesting that you make the trip across country to ride this park - it's all right, but it's not that great. The design/construction looks like the city gave the job to three different guys, all w/ various ideas of what a park should look like.

Sprawling out like a beleaguered chubby cat on a summer day, the park has a concrete bowl/spine set up, a couple of random concrete street features, and a few odd ball wooden ramps in various states of repair. Flow was never a concern, apparently. It's a pretty weird park, but based on the rails and bowl alone, it's better than a lot of places we've seen.

Directions: Kennewick is in the southeastern region of Washington. It is about ten miles west of Walla Walla. To get to the park take Interstate 82 to Highway 395. Exit the highway at 10th Avenue and head east. Make a left [north] onto Dayton Street. The skatepark is on the right after 7th Street. The address is 613 S Dayton Street.

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^ Early to indi

^ Kennewick - the
schizophrenic skatepark

^ That spine looks
like fun - good job!

^ The tech dawgs
might be stoked on
the rail opps

^ Random! And look
at all the empty
space??? What's that

^ If you've got
pics - send
this way

^ Here's Jason Wright's
ollie from the quarter

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