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editor's note:
North Bend

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Trannie / Street / Dirt
* Free
* Rating: Bend this!

After weeks of land-locked states, we were stoked to roll into Washington toward the end of our Summer Tour. After a brief stop further inland, we were headed for Seattle when we came across North Bend skatepark. They actually refer to it as a "skate court", but we don't need a team of trained monkeys to recognize a skatepark when we see one.

We think this park is fresh like bacon. It's definitely on the hesh side so you know it's got the flizow. The main gripe we heard from the local locs was the lack of coping. It's true, the park has no coping, but there are a lot of smooth lines to chew on. With the exception of a few lumps in the concrete, everything seems to work like it should. And for you bikers, they've even got a dirt jump park. Go check it out.

If you're looking for more WA options, we got the hook ups. Within an hour of North Bend, you've got Seattle's SeaSk8, Belleview, Kent's West Hills, SeaTac over by the airport, and Vashon Island's Burton Street Course. In addition to a whole bunch of other parks we don't have room to mention, there is also our favorite WA park - Gig Harbor. That should give you plenty of parks to break yourself on. Go have some fun.

Directions: From Seattle take Interstate 90 east to North Bend. Exit North Bend Blvd heading north [this may be called highway 202]. Take a right on E. North Bend Way [heading east]. The park is on the northwest corner of E. North Bend Way and Cedar Falls in Torguson Park. The actual address is 750 E. North Bend Way.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ September afternoon
at North Bend skatepark

^ This main handrail
is pretty severe

^ Elevation change
equals speed, and
speed equals flow!

^ Pyramid-style
fun box

^ Kevin Escott w/
the tech flavor

^ Richard Turner
rollin' past the

^ Eli Roberts,
hucked out of
the 'crete pipe

^ Nice hits on
this box

^ Check it: The
"court" is in
Torguson Park

^ Richard Turner
has some crazy grip
tape: Here he's got
his wife and kids
starring in an egg and
sperm scene... whoa.

^ Dirt jumps for
those of you w/ air
in your wheels

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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