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editor's note:
Yauger Park

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: More concrete country

At the southern most tip of the Puget Sound, southeast of Tacoma, is the fine Olympia skatepark. This is another park designed by the Purkiss Rose crew [714.871.3638] outta Cali. They build good parks. They're never revolutionary, but they're solid and usually a fun ride.

Olympia has just about all its bases covered. To begin w/, you've got a decent range of elevation - at least 6 ft from the highest to the lowest points in the park. Technicals are well represented w/ rails, flat banks, ledges, and a couple of stair set-ups for the handrail dogs. Heshies got it pretty good as well. The snake run has no coping, but looks fun [we didn't have time to ride it ourselves]. There's a flow potential throughout. The bowl is pretty worthless - round shallow bowls are typically pretty boring - but it does have coping. Overall, locals and visitors are in for a pretty good time.

You have about a million options in this part of the world, all within an hour of Olympia. From the north down, you can always hit great parks in Everett, Bellevue, SeaSk8 and Rain City [both in Seattle], Vashon Island, West Hills, SeaTac and Gig Harbor. That's a ton of opportunity, so go get some and send in the footy!

Directions: Take I-5 to Olympia and then get on Highway 101 north. Exit at Black Lake Blvd and make a right. Then make a left [north] on Cooper Point Road. To get to the parking lot, make a left onto Capital Mall Drive and then make a right turn onto Alta Street. We hear they are towing cars parked in the Safeway parking lot, so don't park there. The skatepark is in Yauger Park near the northwest corner of the mall.

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^ Olympia's proving grounds

^ This is the end of
an odd series of banks
that Purkiss tends
to put in their
parks - this version
has that flyout hit
on the right

^ Yauger!

^ Flat rail to
fun box line

^ Street stuff w/ the
snake run in the back
No coping, but
still a cool flow
feature. If you like
this you should check

^ Round, shallow bowls are
pretty boring. Where are the
corners, hits, extensions, etc???

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