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editor's note:
Ramp n Roll Skatepark

PARK IS CLOSED: Check this out...

"Nice review... it will come as no surprise to you to hear that Tom closed down. I for one am glad to see it go. Probably all your fault for not listing it in time : ) "

- Carl: Nov '03

Alright already! Here's the review of Ramp n Roll in Everett WA. This guy is unbelievable!!!

"Opening a new indoor park on Oct 19... how can I get the park listed?"
- Tom: Sep '02

"New park opening in Everett... come check it out."
- Tom: Sep '02

"Still waiting for someone to check and publish my park."
- Tom: Oct '02

"When is Ramp n Roll gunna be added?"
- Tom: Oct '02

"I have submitted my park 4 times now, will it ever get listed or tried?"
- Tom: Oct '02

"Wondering why I can't get my park listed. Have asked many times with no action... pls help."
- Tom: Oct '02

Ha ha... the funny part is, I think HE was getting irritated with US! Note to TOM: Kicking someone in the ass over and over doesn't make you any friends.

...scroll down for pics

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^ There you go, Tom! Ramp n
- baby. In Everett. Got it?
Good. [Photo: Ramp n Roll]

^ More Ramp n Roll
[Photo: Ramp n Roll]

^ More of Tom's VERY IMPORTANT
skatepark... [Photo: Ramp n Roll]

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