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editor's note:
Redmond Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: MicroSkate Corp.

Located in the same town as the world's most aggressive software company, Redmond has a little skatepark and graffiti free-wall.

"I live in Redmond. I was just looking through your site and I saw that you guys haven't been to Redmond for a while. Anyway, in 2002 our park got remodeled [by Purkiss Rose: 714.871.3638] and it now has more street stuff, lots of ledges, and a snake run."

- David Horn: May '02

There are SOOOO MANY SKATEPARKS around here, if you trip and fall you'll probably land on someplace else to ride. A few good ones to ponder are Everett, indoor rides at Bellevue, lines galore at North Bend, mixed reviews of the new park in Renton, deep end gnar-gnar at Seattle's SeaSK8, dry trannie at Seattle's Rain City, more indoor flow at Tacoma's B and I, and finally, my personal favorite - hessian dream rides at giggy Gig Harbor.

Directions: From Seattle, take Interstate 5 north to Highway 520 east. Take the Redmond Way Exit, and turn left [west] off of the exit onto Redmond Way. Make a right onto 164th Avenue, and the skatepark is on the left.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The back part of Redmond skatepark
is different now. This shot was taken
in Sep 2000, before the remodel in 2002.

^ That's a f**king
cool shot...

^ No red tape here!
Good job to the city
of Redmond for making
it easy to use and enjoy
this spot without
having to jump thru
a bunch of hoops...

^ Nerves of steel
keep Taylor Coe nice
and calm when he's
flying thru the air

^ The rail in this shot is
the same as the rail in the
shot below...

^ REDESIGN: See? All the space on
the left of this rail is from the 2002
redesign [Photo: Jerry Nolan]

^ REDESIGN: Lots of new snakerun
lines in the new design [Photo: Jerry Nolan]

^ REDESIGN: That's a new pyramid
and rail set up, too. [Photo: Jerry Nolan]

^ Grafitti comes
from little elves
that live in spray

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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