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editor's note:
* Outdoor: concrete
* Free park
* Street
* Rating: Sleepless in SeaTac

The locals describe this place as "the skatepark over by the airport". You might think to ask, "So, uh, how is it?" They might think to reply, "Eh, it's okay." It's not the most original park on god's green earth, but if it's not raining [which is kind of a big "if"] this place offers up the goods. There's a nice flow from bank to fun box to quaters and back. By the way, this is where we were at when some local told us that Belleview sucked. Like we said before, Belleview definitely doesn't suck. This place doesn't suck either. How's that for a 1/2-assed compliment...

Directions: Coming from Seattle take Interstate 5 south [about 20 minutes] to McMicken Heights. Exit 188th Street and head west. The skatepark is on the right, inside Valley Ridge Park, and next to Tyee High School.
...scroll down for pics

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^ SeaTac Skate Park - which
is what everyone we talked to calls it -
is located next to Tyee HS in this fine park

^ a little air

^ nice view of
the fun box

^ local demonstrates
a little pop

^ you got your banks..

^ ...you got your rail...

^ ...you got your quaters.

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