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editor's note:
B and I Skatepark

PARK IS CLOSED: Check this out...

"The B & I skatepark in Tacoma WA was also torn down this summer because of a lack of income. There are no plans to rebuild it. I just wanted to let you know so you can keep the site as up to date as possible. Thanks."

- Jessica: Nov '03

We're not from Tacoma. So maybe the B and I is the super cool place for Tacomanics to spend their hard earned cheddar - who knows? To us, that place was suppa freaky w/ a capital FREAK-FREAK. But that's cool. And the skatepark, was definitely cool - freaky ass shopping mall or not!

You could probably find some things to bitch about [like I bet it doesn't hold too many riders at one time], but I'd sure as hell skate this place. Did you see that spine? And I like parks that "never touch the ground." This place has no floor - which means you won't waste any time pushing. Just wall to ramp to ramp to wall and back again. That's the definition of "flow," perhaps the most important feature a skatepark could ever hope for!

Now we got a little local proper respects for you: SHIFTER! That's right. Homeboy Aaron Dustan helped us out the night we came by to shoot some pics. He's got this little rock thang going on called SHIFTER. Yep, SHIFTER! Uh huh. Thanks, Aaron...

...scroll down for pics

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^ Bee and Eye

^ Looks like a great
escape from the Rain
Shadow to me...

^ 1st of 2 walls...

^ Submit!

^ ...2nd of 2 walls

^ A little more
detail of the
center of the

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