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* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "Features street furniture..."

If you're not from the Pacific NW, make no mistake - Vancouver WA and Vancouver BC are *not* the same place. For the locals we're sure that's more than obvious, but for a couple of sub-human SoCAL-ers like ourselves, we were totally confused. In any case, today we're talking about a skatepark in southern Washington's Vancouver, called Swift.

In the way of stats, we've got the following: 12,000 sq ft built by the Wormhoudt warriors [831.426.8424]. If you know their work, you might see the resemblance to Santa Rosa or Arcata [both in Cali]. We're slightly critical of the "pour" in this park... the walls aren't as smooth as they should be, but still totally skateable.

We just happen to have a report from a local... so without further ado, we pass the mic to Jon from Battle Ground, WA:

"There is some graffiti and stuff like that. Most of the people there skateboard. Sometimes some bikes come, but they don't get in your way too much. Sometimes some little kids on scooters come, but after you knock them over a couple of times they'll stay out of your way [Ha!]. There's only a couple of bladers there. It's pretty much me and two of my friends. Some of the boarders there smoke and do drugs, but they don't ask you if you want to try some and they leave you alone. That's about it."

There you have it... thanks again, Jon.

Vancouver: Take Interstate 5 to 4th Plain Blvd. exit in Vancouver, and head east. On the right, just past the intersection of 4th Plain Blvd. and Vancouver Way, is Waterworks Park. The skatepark is inside Waterworks Park. We shot the pic below of "Vancouver Central Park" and could *swear* that was where the skatepark was??? Can we get a little help on that one?

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Big, nice assortment of
tech/hesh elements, Swift
is ready when you are...

^ We read a brief
on this park that
said the park features
"bowls and street
*furniture* for stunts." Furniture... that's hysterical

^ Johnathan McMurtry,
melon steez...

^ F-box w/ the
mandatory rail.
Our buddy Jon says
this rail used to be
longer but someone
cut it down to size!!!

^ Cross-park viewables

^ The park's in
Waterworks Park,
but we took this pic
and we thought it
was right behind
this sign???

^ Big bowls, no
coping, soft walls
[no vert]... reminds
us of the snake run
at Griffin in BC

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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