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editor's note:
Burton Street Course

* Indoor: Skatelite and 'crete
* Pay: $5 / session
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: So far so good...

We've never been to Vashon ourselves. The pic below was sent in by Mike Sudduth -thanks Mike! We've got directions [sort of] for you below, but beyond that you'll have to go check it out, email us and we'll spread the word.

We do know that they have limited hours and sessions are split up to accommodate skaters [boards/inline], bikes, scooters [urrrgh!], and separate times for beginners only. Hooking up the right time slot sounds like a hassle, but the park *does* look like fun...

Update: We just heard back from our buddy Mike - the park "has absolutely NOTHING to do with Burton Snowboards... In fact, our park gets quite a bit of support from the K2 Corporation." Cool, props out to K2 for the contribution.

Directions: As far as we can tell, you have to take a ferry to access Vashon Island. We hear that Fauntleroy Ferry out of West Seattle is a good start. You might also check out your options from the Tacoma area. Once you're there you want to head toward the middle of the island, not too far from Burton Acres Park. Try and find Vashon Highway. From Vashon Highway, head west on SW 228th. The park is located at 10500 SW 228th St., next to the Burton Elementary School, about half-way up the hill on the right. As far as busing goes, they recommend Metro's Route 118. This park is part of a Parks and Rec outfit, so if you want more info call 206-463-9999.

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^ Burton Street Course - looks good!

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