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editor's note:
Ft. Steele Rest Stop

* Outdoor: 'Crete / Brick
* Free
* Banked Trannie
* Rating: Steeling rides

If you're ever touring across Wyoming, and need to stretch a leg or two, check out Ft. Steele's rest stop for some flat bank opportunities. It's not much, barely qualifies as trannie, but it's skateable if you've got the notion.

Directions: Even thou' this is a "not so skatepark" skatepark, it's not a secret, really, so we'll dish out directions. Ft. Steele's rest stop is off of highway 80, in the middle of the state, west of route 130 and east of the town of Rawlins - just look for the signs. It's about half a day's drive west from Cheyenne, and most likely NOT worth the drive. It might, however, provide some amusement if you're passing thru.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Triple banker at
the rest stop in
Fort Steele

^ You might have to give it
a little juice to get over
the gaps at the bottom, but
the banks are pretty smooth
for brick.

^ Get your Jerry's Kid
ass out there and ride.

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