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editor's note:
Jackson Hole Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Hole in one!

And now a few words on the new Jackson Hole skatepark from the designer/builder himself... Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Geth Noble:

"If the Jackson Hole photos made it, you can see that we built two hips that are similar to the hips in the Black Widow bowl at Newburyport MA.

"This time we used a hexagonal deep end to more accurately focus the major speed lines directly at the hips. I always try to give people more speed than they need for hips and transfers, so that huge airs are easy, the hard part is deciding what tricks to do.

"The little square bowl at Jackson adds numerous transfer possibilities, including grinding transfers and a snowboard blaster with rounded lip landing zone. The various escalators in the bowls create several fly-out lines that land on deck terrain.

"A circular deck warm-up line goes both clockwise and counterclockwise - it looks hilarious when 10 or 20 riders are charging around the decks like it's some kind of mutated roller rink.

"Big thanks to the Igneous crew, the Ramp House crew, Sharyl and Brodie, Steve Foster and Ray Shriver from Parks and Rec, Mark at the Boardroom, Rick Hunt the Excavator, and everyone who inspired us.

"The Airspeed crew includes Stephanie Mohler, Noah Powell, Tom Dupre, Sloppy Sam, Lenny Earnshaw, John Mills, and myself."

- Geth Noble: Nov '01

When you're ready to hire Airspeed to build your park, just grab these digits - 503.791.4674. For some more coverage of their handiwork, check the following: Ashland, Jacksonville, and Talent grace southern Oregon. They've also done a few jobs in other parts of the world including this park and the UNBELIEVABLY FUN Newburyport MA, mentioned above.

Directions: From downtown Jackson Hole, go west on Main St. until you hit the high school, then make a right. Take another right onto Gregory Lane. After you pass Suburban Propane make a left onto a gravel road. That road leads right to the skatepark.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Airspeed aerial arena,
Jackson Hole skatepark.
[Photo: Geth Noble]

^ "It can get pretty crowded. I
recommend a helmet for protection
against flying boards."
[Photo/Comments: Geth Noble]

^ "Four different grind bars that
vary in difficulty from very easy
to a little bit hard. Some ledges,
pump bumps, and little deck hits round
out the park."
[Photo/Comments: Geth Noble]

^ "Jackson Hole is open whenever
the weather permits."
[Photo/Comments: Geth Noble]

^ Computer model of the layout
[Design: Geth Noble]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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