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editor's note:

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Gun racks and snow drifts

Wyoming in the summer was nice... warm, but not as humid as Colorado, or stupid-hot like Arizona. As we cruised across the state, with it's rolling hills covered w/ tall, dry grass, we couldn't help imagine how gnarly the winters must be. Right about then we realized that the weird "fences" by the edge of the freeway must be there to stop the snow drifts as they slide across the road like gangsters in an alley. Almost makes you nervous, summertime or not...

Another odd thing about that state - people actually use their gun racks for guns! Forget the Dukes of Hazard, Laramie has real 17 year old kids, driving old ford trucks, totin' shotguns and rifles on their way to WalMart. Little ole' Daisy Duke, sittin' on the bench seat next to them, sippin' sodas like it ain't no thing. Definitely nothing like SoCAL... we prefer hand guns in the glove box, I guess.

We *did* find one place that felt like home [maybe even a little better than home]... Laramie, WY has one kick ass skatepark. La Bonte park hosts some crafty concrete, designed by Omer Windham of the Team Pain crew [407.695.8215 - they've done Salida, CO, the hesh section at Simi, CA's Skate Lab, most of the big concrete parks in the CO Rockies, as well as tons of parks in the South].

Laramie is a great ride! Coping is big enough to lock onto, but small enough to roll over on a speed line. Killer hips, spine, tech section, bam, baM, BAM!

Go get some!

Directions: Take Interstate 80 to the 3rd Street exit in Laramie, and head north. About two miles up 3rd St. turn right [east] on Canby Street. On the northeast corner of 5th St. and Canby St. is La Bonte Park. The skatepark is inside La Bonte Park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ About 1 mi east of
the University of WY, witness
Laramie skatepark

^ Great kicker hips
for concrete assisted

^ This view is over
the spine, looking at
the "twinkie" hit

^ Nice coping +
the roll-in channel

^ Couple three ledges/rails,
and a nice flyout-enabled
kicker to bank set-up

^ I'd guess this
is a snowboard-inspired
"twinkie" hit for smooth
trannie to trannie air travel.
United *wishes* they were this

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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